Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hello Norma Jean

Time to catch up on some of my sewing, and of course I have being using my favouite designer, Tina Givens.

With Summer approaching it was time to make some light-coloured jeans, and Norma Jean looked to fit the bill.

Not such a good photo from the designers web page, but trust me . . . . !

I used an off white linen/rayon mix, some quilting fabric patches, and whoosh, I was off!  No changes to the pattern - it is oversized and baggy, and as I didn't want to change the fundamentals of the design, I left everything as it was.  Oh, I may have left off a patch or two, but other than that, no changes.

I have some hanger photos to follow, but this is how 'Norma' looks in action with a linen Jacqueline slip and a trusty McCalls 6168.  

The pockets are interesting - they are sewn into a cut in the front pattern pieces - they feel a bit like a kangeroo pouch to me!  I'm not sure if I'd bother using these pockets next time, I'll probably add some in-seam pockets or patch ones.  Nonetheless, they are quite fun.

Ah yes, a couple of cute patches!!!

I'm going to wear these a few times before I decide whether or not to dye them - I'm not quite sure if this off white is too bright.

Here are some hanger close ups!!

One of the 'kangeroo' pockets above!

A few patches . . . 

And my label!  The front and back pattern pieces are the same, so I always like to add a label.

These really are quick make and I'll be using this as my 'go to' for woven pants/jeans.  Love them!

How is you summer sewing coming along - or winter sewing for my 'downunder' sisters?


  1. ooo,ooo, I luv them both on you and on the hanger. And your patches are great additions. I've made one pair so far, but out of a stiff fabric so I don't wear them much at all. Now, I see I must try the pattern again with something more comfortable.

    Do post photos on the TG Makes pinterest board, if you'd like.

  2. How adorable, these look really nice on you. A fun outfit all 'round!

  3. These look great. I think I'm getting closer to trying some myself. Your photos really push me in that direction.

  4. I love them! I've had the pattern for a while and you've inspired me to try it.

  5. Hi there, just came over after seeing you on the TG FB site. I'm a Brit who moved to Ontario in 1998, dog lover (Shih Tzu owner), and a similar size too (how spooky is that, haha). I'm looking forward to following your posts as I love your style.

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  7. Nice flowy linen for summer. So glad you have your pant's fitting all worked out. Hopefully I will be there soon too.

  8. They look nice and cool. Love your hair!


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